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Meet the team: Jordan

We asked our New Business executive a few questions about his time at Raptor, student life and being in the new biz team!

Jordan came to Raptor through our ambassador academy, working as in intern in July and is now a fully fledged member of the team! From Dublin, Ireland, Jordan had never been to or lived in London before, and is now loving Shoreditch life. Jordan studied eBusiness and Digital Marketing at DCFE college in Dublin, and at 20 is the youngest member of the Raptor team. Jordan has made outstanding contributions at Raptor so far, and we can't wait to see what he'll produce next!

What is your favourite thing about working for Raptor?

My favourite thing about working at Raptor is definitely the networking opportunities. Being in the New Business team and working under Emily, I get the opportunity to speak with 9 figure companies every single day. This gives me amazing opportunities to network with industry leaders, and show them what Raptor can do!” 

What was your favourite thing about being a student?

“My time as a student allowed me to really break into who I wanted to become. It allowed me to figure myself out and really get a clear vision of what career path I wanted to go down. Working at Raptor in New Business has really cemented this vision, and allows me to put the skills I learnt at college into practice, doing so with huge global brands!”

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty questions… What would your dream meal deal be?

Chicken wrap, Lucozade, Doritos. Winning combo every, single, time.

Although, working in Shoreditch so close to Spittalfields and street food markets, I’m definitely branching out in my choices, even splashing out on the best breakfast baguette Shoreditch has to offer once in a while.”

What student advice would you give to anyone starting Uni?

Your course doesn’t define what career path you’ll go down. Keep your mind open and always take opportunities as soon as they present themselves! If I didn’t work for Nando’s as a student brand ambassador I might not have been where I am today, so always be a yes man!”

What is the best student life-hack you found at uni?

The deli up the road from us did €3 wraps for students and I quite literally survived on them through most weeks!”

What is your favourite thing about being a designer?

My favourite thing about being in the new business team is the freedom it gives you to be unorthodox in your approach. We’re always testing new tactics to try and spark conversations with new prospects which can be really fun!”


Thanks to Jordan for giving us an insight into all things New Biz, and we look forward to getting to know the rest of the team.

Keep an eye out for Jordan as he networks with existing and prospective clients!


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