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29 May 2019

Raptor Reflections: Betty Underwood

Every few months we invite one of our brand ambassadors to tell us more about the campaign that they've worked on. This month we spoke to Betty Underwood in Nottingham who worked on Perlego....

In the past year, I have worked on the Perlego Student ambassador at Nottingham University. Perlego is an online reading platform dubbed ‘Spotify for textbooks’ that makes Studying affordable, accessible and efficient.

The student marketing campaign was spent giving out free food and drink in order to gain as many subscriptions to the platform as possible. We spent a very cold day collaborating with 200 degrees coffee in the middle of Nottingham giving out beautiful coffee complete with latte art to everyone to sip while they explored a free trial of books.

We also spent countless times handing out doughnuts and reusable Perlego coffee cups. From the training day, I was excited to be part of the campaign, not only were the offices the coolest I’d ever been to (with prosecco on tap!) but was also amazing to get on board with an exciting new startup that clearly had so much potential, especially in the student scene.  As a Geography and business student looking to work in events, it has been great to have an insight into a business to see how each part of the business works and to be part of it. Having this experience will aid my future employment as I seek to work for other companies and even maybe run my own one day.

It’s great working for the student marketing agency Raptor, get in touch with them for more details on student ambassador marketing roles.

Betty Underwood

Perlego Brand Ambassador.
Second Year Nottingham Trent University

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