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8 October 2018

Benefits of Becoming Brand Ambassadors

Becoming a brand ambassador comes with a whole host of benefits. If you're thinking about becoming a Raptor then check this out to see all the reasons why you shouldn't waste any more time!

Here at Raptor, we offer the the best kind of student job there is. What is it? Becoming a brand ambassador and working as one of the Raptors.

Our Raptors are a student army of brand ambassadors, who want to help promote, market and spread the word about the amazing brands we work with on their campus. Campaigns change frequently, the requirements vary, everyone has loads of fun whilst learning a hell of a lot along the way – which (we think) makes it the best job around for students.

So what are the benefits of becoming a brand ambassador with Raptor?

It’s a fun way to earn extra money

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of becoming a brand ambassador, is the money! We all know as a student that money can be tight – so having a regular job to keep the pennies rolling in is really beneficial. You could work behind a desk to earn extra cash – but why not try something a little more fun? Your brand ambassador role is paid, but it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s exciting, interesting and (most importantly) fun.

You’re working with friends

Our student Raptors become great friends and there’s nothing better than working with your friends! Being a brand ambassador is also a great way to meet new people around your university. We always think the key to a positive university experience is heavily based on socialising – and a job as a brand ambassador is hugely beneficial to your social life.

It’s always changing, and never boring

A job as a brand ambassador is always changing, and you never know which brand, event or campaign you might work on next. Because it’s always changing, being a Raptor never gets boring! It’s beneficial to you because it’ll keep you interested and engaged with your job – and hopefully your job will be something you look forward to.

Free stuff!

A huge benefit of being a Raptor, is of course, the free stuff! Being a brand ambassador means you get to try out products all the time! If you’re going to be talking about a brand and helping raise awareness and spread the word for their product, you need to know that product inside out!

Above and beyond

Whilst Raptor are a student marketing agency, the fun goes beyond campus with regular graduate jobs and internships offered to the most successful brand ambassadors. Raptor understand that competition is rife in the UK job market, so providing student ambassadors with the necessary skills and opportunities to flourish while working for some of the most exciting, forward thinking brands is really important.

Your CV will look awesome

We’ve saved the biggest benefit of being a brand ambassador until last! Of course, working with Raptor will help improve your CV. Having a job through university is great because it shows you’re a hard worker, and it shows you’re constantly looking to improve your CV and experience. A brand ambassador role will show employers that you’re hardworking, outgoing and good in teams – all things they’re likely to be looking for in future hires.

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