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Across the past 8 years, we have been working with Deliveroo to nourish students when they need it most. From on campus activations to social content to a full student proposition, our relationship with Deliveroo is continuously evolving.

Full Service Proposition

Deliveroo Students

We launched an entire new student proposition in 2023 giving students FREE delivery across the entire university year, 15% off ASOS plus many more perks!


After 8 years of working with Deliveroo, this year we went bigger and better than ever before. We analysed what Deliveroo’s student specific offer should be, created a unique logo, considered how Deliveroo should be speaking to students, built a toolkit of over 300 assets and developed a new microsite all to introduce our student proposition… Deliveroo Students.

Deliveroo Students launched on the 11th September 2023 and has already acquired over 115,000 student members.

136x Student Brand Ambassadors

A team of 136x Student Brand Ambassadors were employed to spread the word across their student networks via socials, guerrilla and freestyle activity

53x Live Events

We turned campuses teal with 53 events across 38 cities driving redemptions whilst distributing free food samples and merch.

More than 200x social posts

Each ambassador was tasked with creating 2x social posts for their own channels to drive further acquisition

27,200 Food samples distributed

Over 27,000 food samples were distributed on campus from a huge variety of student favourites

15% off ASOS

We partnered with ASOS to give students additional perks, such as 15% off for the entire year and the chance to win exclusive prizes on campus

140k+ Deliveroo Students members
53 Events
136 Student Brand Ambassadors
5.5 m Social Impressions

Students, sign up now at deliveroostudents.co.uk

Live Events


Bringing a giant teal alarm clock to campus, showcasing how Deliveroo fits into student's daily routines.

On the hour, alarm bells would ring, and we'd distribute samples from a restaurant or grocery partner aligning with a key student moment.

Grocery Billboards

With the growth of grocery provision on Deliveroo during and following the pandemic, we encouraged students to ditch trips to their local shops and enjoy the convenience of groceries delivered to your door by raising awareness for Deliveroo's grocery proposition.

To drive home how Deliveroo catered to student's demands, we tactically tapped into key student moments of 'spontaneous plans', 'recovery in style' and 'study snacks'.

Student Brand Ambassadors


We recruited 56 SBAs across 7 UK + Ireland cities to amplify our live activations on social media.


Our diverse team of SBAs are approachable Deliveroo fanatics, true fans and advocates for the brand.

Training Day

We invited our SBAs to Deliveroo HQ for an immersive training day involving brand introductions, team tasks and expert advise from foodie influencer @TomBigEats.

Live Events

SBAs are always at the heart of our campaigns, and they work at all our live events, allowing students on-campus to see their peers rep the brand.


Ambassadors also support wider Deliveroo marketing objectives, including visiting 600+ restaurants to distribute Deliveroo Signage, boosting awareness of a restaurant's presence on the app.

Social Amplification

Our SBAs are treated to Deliveroo credit allowing them to generate social content showcasing the breath of both local + national restaurants alongside grocery on the app, relating content to key student moments.

56 SBAs
33 Live Activations
16,835 Restaurant + Grocery Samples Distributed
1,142,418 Social Impressions
Roo Court

Training at Roo HQ



Acquiring high quality Deliveroo riders via a competition mechanic which gets students excited about riding to earn extra around their studies.

During the colder winter months, consumer demand for Deliveroo often exceeds rider supply. To support Deliveroo in key problem locations, we incentivised students to not only apply to ride but to also complete rides quickly through a fast-paced digital competition.

Incredible prizes including limited edition merchandise, AirPods and festival tickets were up for grabs, driving hype and conversation around the riding with Deliveroo.

20 UK Cities
4.5K+ Rider Applications (147% vs target)
1.5K+ Rides Completed
Live Events

Ride. Deliver. Earn.

We transformed student's perception surrounding rider life by educating and providing insight into being a rider at live on-campus events. Our sales-driven rider SBAs were the face of each activation, brining real-life rider experience to their roles.

To make being a rider more relatable and accessible to the student audience, our creative team tactically selected key-proof points resonating with students, and developed the Ride. Deliver. Earn comms strategy.

This hero messaging enabled us to succinctly convey the full nature of the role, using student insight throughout the creative development process to understand and identify the language which resonates with student life.

17 UK Cities
50 SBAs
3,355 Rider Applications (112% vs target)
Live Events

Food Festivals

Raptor likes to make noise on campus straight away. This freshers’ food fest established Deliveroo as the all-in-one destination for every craving.

On Campus

Keep Eating!

Live Events

Escape the Bus

We applied our out-of-the-box approach to a nationwide campaign that left a lasting impression on even the craftiest students. But only the best get off the bus. And everyone got some mean KFC treats at the end.

Could you get off the bus?