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To launch reddit to UK students inviting them to use the platform to Dive Into Anything.


Reddit Ambassador Training

We recruited 150 Student Brand Ambassadors, across 5 cities to bring this campaign to life.

They grew the audience of university subreddits by tapping into city-specific passion points, encouraging the wider student audience to include reddit in their digital diet.

A special day at The Drum Labs saw 60 students descend on London to share inspiration on Reddit. Attended by Reddit global team students were treated to a fun filled event including T shirt printing, breakout sessions and rooftop drinks.

Live Events

Campus Tour

We brought reddit to campus with a branded shipping container, offering free merchandise and cookies to the students in exchange for app downloads.

4,373 App Downloads
920 Merch Giveaways
17.2k Subreddit members
Live Events

Ask Me Anything

Bringing Reddit’s famous AMAs in a live setting with 4 local talents over two days including Jyoty, a local Rinse FM DJ. These AMAs were live streamed on Reddits own platform 'Reddit Talk'.

IOM Partnership

As part of the campaign we were tasked with partnering with digital communities that aligned with student culture.

Identification of Music (IOM) is a notorious student community that revolves around underground music and lives on Facebook. With students desire to move away from Facebook, this gave Reddit an opportunity to bring the community to life on the platform.