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Tap into the rich gaming culture on campus and expand it by working with streamers, viewers and communities alike, to ensure that Twitch is the natural destination for people interested in live content.



We launched a first of its kind esports contest, Twitch UniHeroes. This official competition, boasting gaming partners across Europe, gave avid gamers from campus to campus a shot at the dream streaming opportunity.

Here’s how it worked. University gaming societies went head-to-head. The more they streamed and watched, the more they won. As students racked up points, they grew their channels and won exclusive Twitch merchandise. GG.

125 Societies
31,506,003 Minutes Watched
1.7M Social Engagements

Twitch Presents

To bring Twitch to the general student audience, we partnered with promotors and student unions across the UK & Ireland to show that Twitch isn't just a platform for gaming, and has something for everyone to explore.

We created university-specific channels during Freshers Week for student societies to connect with new members and reach their current audiences during lockdown. Students interacted back by voting, creating a social and communal experience when face-to-face wasn't possible.

We also generated underground student streams with culturally relevant student groups, moving away from the university red tape to make more authentic student content. Manchester Students Group grew their channel to more than 1000 followers in a month with students streaming everything from Mukbang to Q&A sessions with the Rugby captains.

1,763 New Channel Followers
14,106 Unique Viewers
50+ New Streams