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City in the Spotlight: New to Newcastle

For any of you heading to Newcastle this September, one of our Newcastle ambassadors who has just graduated shares her hottest spots in Newcastle.


If you’re going to Newcastle in September we all know you’re going for one reason and one reason only, to party.

Let’s start as we mean to go on then. The people of Newcastle don’t do things by half, in fact they do them by trebles (pun intended). It is known for its party scenes, cheap alcohol and its famous trebles. So, here’s a quick break down of what’s what!

Soho Rooms – The King of all treble bars is Soho Rooms, it’s four floors of chaos but it will become your second home. As a student in Newcastle, it is a rite of passage to go to Soho Rooms and drink a blueberry treble and if your tongue isn’t blue by the end of the night you’re doing something very wrong.

TOP TIP: Weekdays in Newcastle is when student nightlife is the best.

Flares – Then there’s everyone’s guilty pleasure right next door, Flares. If you’re looking for every flavour of WKD under the sun, a flashing dance floor and some cheesy tunes then you’ve found your heaven – Plus, it’s open 7 days a week!

House of Smith – Home to two very popular student nights, Club Trop Mondays and Waikiki Tuesdays you will more than likely spend the whole of fresher’s week here before realising there are other nights out.

Greys Club – Decking and DJs, Greys Club is basically one large outside smoking area that students flood to every Thursday night for the famous ‘Swingers’ event. I can’t even begin to explain it… just put this one high on the list to try!

TOP TIP: Stage One = Safe. If you see an event by Stage One you know it’s going to be good. 

Antler – New on the block this year is Antler, this venue has been around a while but only recently been brought to life on Wednesday nights with the masses of sports societies collecting here. This Après themed trebles bar may have a chilly décor but it’s hot with students right now.

Tup Tup – If you’re looking for a touch more sophistication for your night out then head over to the small but mighty Tup Tup palace. It’s not exactly where you are likely to find the Queen but you’ll find lots of fellow students there, especially on a Wednesday night.


Day life

Moving away from the party scene, this city of great industrial past has a whole lot more to offer than just it’s nightlife, from its stunning coastline, iconic landmarks and an array of Greggs!

Tynemouth – Fancy a trip to the beach? Tynemouth is just a few miles away from Newcastle city centre. It’s got an abundance of places to eat, drink, shop and surf! The beautiful coastline of Northumberland has so much to offer and is well worth the visit.

Newcastle has an array of markets on most weekends but the best of the bunch has got to be Tynemouth market. It’s on every Sunday inside the Tynemouth metro station. Amongst its hustle and bustle it has some of the quirkiest things you’ll ever find.

TOP TIP: You can also get the metro to the beach (for any southerners it’s kind of like the underground but cheaper and runs on time!)

Quayside – One place I wish I had gone to more in Newcastle is the Quayside, the iconic millennium bridge sparkles in the sunshine (yes the sun does shine in Newcastle!) and lights up the Newcastle nights sky after dark. The Quayside has a magical feel to it that can only make you happy.

Top things to do include, visiting The Baltic centre the international centre for contemporary art, exhibitions are rotated here regularly. Right next door to this is The Sage, this glasshouse on the side of the River Tyne, hosts world-class musicians.

TOP TIP: At the top of the Baltic centre is the amazing SIX restaurant, one to go to when Mum and Dad are visiting (if they are paying)!

By the River Brew Co – New to the Quayside scene and located right under the Tyne Bridge is a collection of pop up containers. It’s got plenty of good street food stalls and isn’t lacking in supply of alcohol with its own microbrewery!

Ouseburn – If Newcastle had its own Shoreditch it would be Ousebrun, this urban jungle of colour is full of young, creative and cool places to visit. You could spend countless days here and still discover hidden gems.

TOP TIP: One of many hidden gems in Ouseburn is Proven Goods, if you like doughnuts than you’ll like this place.

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