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Graduate Employment in a post-COVID world

Since the beginning of the pandemic, university students have been affected not only through impacts on their learning experience - but also on their prospects for finding post education employment.The impacts of COVID-19 have seen uncertainty spread across the employment sector. Research from the Office for Students reports that only 39% of apprenticeships are continuing as normal. Around a third of employers reported that they were likely to higher fewer apprentices than last year, or none at all. With almost 2 million students graduating during the pandemic in the UK alone, it is clear that there is a necessity to provide support and guidance to students and graduates alike as they enter the world of employment.

We conducted research with our team of Raptors to understand their dream jobs for post graduate employment. The response rate saw a greater sway towards jobs in technology and creative areas – with our team looking to enter professions that combined both a digital and physical presence, perhaps influenced by the current movement to digital working.

While the pandemic has led to anxiety surrounding career prospects, students are continuing to aspire to exciting graduate careers and are looking for opportunities to help them enter the workforce.

To elevate the Cook Less, Live More brand purpose of Pot Noodle, in
2020 we launched the first Virtual Alternative Careers Fair to help
students fork the norm’ and escape the 9-5 by finding alternative
internships. With over 10,000 job views and 2,000 applications – it was evident that the Fair provided a much-needed platform for students and alternative employers to connect.

Following the success of our 2019 Fair, today we are launching the 2020 Virtual Alternative Careers Fair utilising Augmented Reality to give a fully immersive virtual experience which allows students, with the scan of a QR code, to STIR UP their futures. With over 100 companies involved, the experience placements from a Lead Rock Song Tester, to an AI Football Research Internship – helping students to not only find paid employment, but also to explore alternative career paths.

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