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Live Talks: The Pot Noodle Alternative Careers Fair Live Talk Series

With restrictions placed on gatherings, the opportunity to attend physical events to upskill has halted. However, these restrictions have allowed for the development of virtual events in an unprecedented manner. With thought leading organisations such as the Female Lead hosting weekly web-talk events, the ways in which we interact and learn have developed digitally to allow professionals and students to hear from leaders in their industry and connect with like-minded peers, from the comfort of their living room. The movement of live talks to a digital format has allowed a greater level of accessibility and a widening of participation. While previously, a talk may have a limited ticket amount in a specific location, hosting webinars online allows for attendees to listen in to events from across the globe, as well as network with those who they may never have had the opportunity to meet in person.

We conducted research with our team of Raptors to understand
whether students were interested in networking and learning through digital events. With the movement towards digital learning for university courses, we asked whether the students would be motivated to attend learning events online in the same format as their studies. Despite their apprehension towards online learning, 85% of participants said that they had actively sought out digital opportunities to upskill and learn.

Our research evidenced a clear desire by students to utilise virtual resources to upskill and contribute to their career development. With limited opportunity to physically network with potential employers, students are looking for new ways to develop their skills beyond their academic learning.

With the launch of the Pot Noodle Virtual Careers Fair, we wanted to create a personalised experience in which students could interact with potential employers and gain insight
in the fields they were looking to pursue. With live roles in film, music, gaming and tech – we developed the Pot Noodle Live Talks series which allows students to interact live with
employers, ask questions about the roles and hear from industry experts about their personal career journey.

Through hosting live stream events, we have integrated the physical and digital to provide a live interaction between students and employers – reflecting the reality of in-person careers fairs. Students have the opportunity to show off their personalities, and learn more before applying – creating a virtual learning space.

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