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Meet the Team: Leo Morton, Lead Web Developer

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series takes an inside look into the lives of our student marketing experts. From their career journey so far, to their go-to student meal, get to know Raptor HQ!

How long have you worked at Raptor?:
Just over 6 months now

What is your career story so far?:
After studying Illustration at University, I got interested in graphic design and making work that was interactive and functional. I picked up programming and bounced around in TV, Streaming and Esports jobs making graphics, Alternate Reality, 3D and web based projects, and I continue that journey now at Raptor.

What is your role and what are you responsible for?:
I build the visuals and interactions for the front-end of our web and app projects, especially everything 3D, as well as providing some ideas and direction for our design and tech. I also – unsuccessfully – try to keep everyone in the loop with the programming side of things.

What is the best part of your role?:
I get to be as creative as possible, and I learn a lot. Everyone at Raptor just wants to make the coolest stuff. A weird idea or a left field concept is always welcome because making a big impact is part of our identity. It pushes me to be at the forefront of the tech side too, and that growth is vital to keeping the energy up.

What is your dream brand to work with?:
I’m a huge Formula 1 fan so I’d love to work with them one day, maybe I could drive one of the cars?

What is your wildest moment from your days as a student?:
Either actually passing my degree, or some very cliché student moment like a late night stolen traffic cone… there were a few of those.

What was your go-to student meal?:
Shin Ramyun instant noodles, the spicy one, breakfast lunch and dinner.

What series are you currently binging on?:
Star Trek TNG… Or Masterchef Australia. Depending on whether I’m feeling philosophical or hungry.

What is your secret talent?:
I got into visual design and illustration because I loved to draw and paint, and I still make it my hobby to go out and draw. I don’t usually let anyone see though!

Describe working at Raptor in three words:
Always having fun.

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