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Latest from Raptor.

Latest News From Raptor

City in the Spotlight: New to Newcastle

For any of you heading to Newcastle this September, one of our Newcastle ambassadors who has just graduated shares her hottest spots in Newcastle.

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5 August 2019

City in the Spotlight: Manchester

Like many of my peers, I had chosen the University of Manchester due to the vast and extensive history surrounding the city in both music and culture. However, upon arrival it’s very...The Trafford centre boasts being one of the biggest shopping centres

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31 July 2019

Raptor Reflections: Sophie Evans

For our Raptor Reflection this month, we asked one of our Pot Noodle ambassadors Sophie to tell us all about her experience on the Pot Noodle campaign.

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18 July 2019

Why Every Business Needs a Brand Ambassador

Student brand ambassadors are your company’s way into the minds of the young people you’re so desperately trying to reach. They’re most likely to be aged 16-25, both male and female, with...

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5 July 2019

City in the Spotlight: Nottingham

If you're heading to Nottingham in September for University, check out our comprehensive guide of how to live your best student life in Nottingham...

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29 May 2019

Raptor Reflections: Betty Underwood

Every few months we invite one of our brand ambassadors to tell us more about the campaign that they've worked on. This month we spoke to Betty Underwood in Nottingham who worked...

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Student marketing agency Raptor inspire students to ‘Reach For Your Dreams’ with Unilever brand Pot Noodle

After recently securing a two-year contract as student marketing agency for Unilever snack brand Pot Noodle, Raptor has kicked off a nationwide tour to inspire and enable students to reach for their...

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13 April 2019

City in the Spotlight: Lessons from Leeds

Getting to know a new city takes time, numerous nights spent wandering Woodhouse in search of music, mischief and messy nights. But wouldn’t it be easier if all the insightful info was...

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27 February 2019

Student Marketing agency Raptor bag their biggest campaign to date with ‘food freedom’ founders, Deliveroo.

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27 February 2019

So You’re Graduating Soon, What next?

For many students, graduation can feel like the pinnacle of everything they’ve been striving towards for the last few years.

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20 February 2019

Should Your Company Consider Student Marketing?

The way that companies market themselves in today is changing.

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11 February 2019

Reasons to Become a Brand Ambassador

Are you looking for a part-time student job that’ll boost your CV, help you make lifelong friends, make some amazing memories, and even grab some freebies?

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1 February 2019

What to Expect During the Coming Term

So, your first term is over, and now it’s time to get stuck into your second term at university. Many of us say that the second term is where the fun starts!

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31 January 2019

The Raptors Then and Now

We spoke to some of our old ambassadors to see what they're up to now and asked how being a Raptor has helped them on their journey...

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8 October 2018

Benefits of Becoming Brand Ambassadors

Becoming a brand ambassador comes with a whole host of benefits. If you're thinking about becoming a Raptor then check this out to see all the reasons why you shouldn't waste any...

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13 August 2018

August Antics

Wow what an eventful summer! We’ve seen record breaking temperatures, Love Island loyalty like never before and although the football hasn’t come home (yet!), it’s coming home for Raptor.

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18 July 2018


To welcome the sunshine, WKD recently released their new Rainbow Multipack and enlsited Raptors team of Student Brand Ambassadors to launch the 10 bottles of Summer time goodness...

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18 September 2017

The Raptor Student Experience

Ahead of the new University year commencing in September we asked some of our brightest and best students on the job what they thought of the Raptor Brand Ambassador experience. Here's what...

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