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We provide an end to end student marketing service from creative, design and artwork right through to production, logistics, and staffing – we're here to help your brand.
Deliveroo Rider Training Day


Student Marketing

We provide full-service student marketing campaigns that are fully aligned with, and reflective of, your brand values and objectives. From insight and idea generation through to ambassadors, production, planning, delivery, and campaign evaluation, we have the student marketing experience, expertise, and energy to make your brand stand out from the crowd on campus and beyond.

See a further breakdown of our student marketing services below.

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Our Bumble Honeys Campaign


Student Brand Ambassadors

Our student brand ambassadors are known as the Raptors. They are thought leaders, taste-makers and the social champions amongst their peers. Having access to their hyper-local knowledge allows us to have our finger on the pulse in over 40 UK cities.

Each and every brand ambassador goes through a rigorous recruitment programme and is measured on set tasks throughout the campaign. We know how to match the right brand ambassadors with the right brands, so you can rest assured your campaign is in safe hands.

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Pot Noodle Student Brand Ambassadors


Live Experiences

We pride ourselves on curating experiences that not only speak the language students understand, but also meet our client’s objectives. Our unrivalled artist liaison, network of event spaces and extensive list of promoter partners means we know the what, where and when criteria for success with students inside out.

By creating a successful and interactive student marketing experience for your target market, we form a memorable bond between the consumer and the company. This not only helps in promoting trust and enhancing the likelihood of turning leads into customers, but also boosts brand loyalty for the long haul.

Deliveroo Rider
Deliveroo Rider Campaign



We work with some of the best production partners in the business, creating a range of production builds on scales both large and small and on bases both mobile and static. We also have the ability to produce a variety of campaign merchandise and print items to go along with them, resulting in a holistic, hallmark experience for your company’s customers.

Whatever your budget, our experienced team and partners will create a range of items that’s right for you.

Bumble Honeys Tour
The Bumble Bus


Social & Digital

Each and every campaign will always include a social mechanic to maximise your social outreach, with our team of student ambassadors as the driving force behind this. This takes the form of both boots-on-the-ground canvassing and online social media interaction to tick all of the boxes of a successful student marketing endeavour.

We also have the capability to develop social-specific projects, working with student-only digital partners to create and capture content that is engineered to improve your brand’s social presence even further.

Boom25 Spin to Win
Digital Content Creation & Editing


Creative, Design & Artwork

Our in-house creative and design team provide concept creation, creative direction, design and artwork using insight garnered from audience research, student workshops and a wealth of internal experience.

Alongside this unique insider information, we also employ only the best and brightest talents from around the UK, meaning we’re well-equipped to produce eye-catching, memorable materials that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Curzon Student
Curzon Student Identity Refresh


Student Insight

The foundation of each of our student campaigns is constructed by listening to what students want. We know that each university city is different, so utilising our extensive student network allows us to understand the what, when, where and why of student life in every city across the UK, putting us at the forefront of student marketing insight.

Perlego to go
One of our Perlego ambassadors