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Student Mental Health: The Digital Welcome and Student Minds

Two weeks ago, BrewDog highlighted the positive impact that businesses can have during times of crisis, through offering their closed venues to help with a quick distribution of the coronavirus vaccine - for free. Now in talks with the Minister for Vaccine Development and the Scottish First Minister, BrewDog aim to offer their venues - with waiting areas, refrigerators and staff - to help tackle distribution. BrewDog have continuously evidenced the positive social impact that brands can provide: from their carbon negative supply chain, to their Equity for Punks scheme, which invests all fundraised mondy directly into high impact sustainability projects. However, the vaccination centre pledge proved that brand campaigns creating a positive impact could be simple and effective.

As a student marketing agency, we wanted to take inspiration from
BrewDog in channelling our resources into a positive social mission.
However, we wanted to first gain insight into how best to support students during lockdown. We conducted research with our team of Raptors to understand what resources they felt would be most useful to students in lockdown. 71% of our team highlighted that the mental health crisis in lockdown was the most pertinent issue affecting students this term.

In Mind UK’s recent coronavirus mental health survey, nearly three quarters (73%) of students said that their mental health declined during lockdown. There is no doubt that dealing with the stresses associated with student life, including exams, social media and finances – the pandemic has created added anxieties due to adjusting to new working environments and losing a sense of community.

We wanted to aid students in raising awareness of the tools and resources available to support students during lockdown, and beyond. Through our Digital Welcome Refreshers experience, live at 12 universities across the UK, we are partnering with MindField Pod to help students cope with the anxieties of student life and provide accessible resources of support and guidance.

Utilising our platforms and network, we want to help students struggling with their mental health by providing support and resources wherever we can. While the battle is ongoing through working with organisations such as The Mindfield Pod and Student Minds, we hope to create a positive social impact in the student space.

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