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Student ambassadors

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‘The Raptors’ are our Student Ambassadors. They have keen instincts and a sharp eye. We look for boundary-pushing students with strong ties to diverse student groups. They network, trend set and innovate at every turn.

Our campaigns rely on The Raptors’ knack for engaging with their campus communities, both on social channels and at live events. And their feedback provides us with priceless insight into the student psyche.

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Society Partnerships

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Are you part of a society at University that's looking for brand partners?

We're always on the lookout for the biggest societies at Universities nationwide to join the Raptor family. Our brand partners are on the hunt for societies with engaged members to partner with on events, uniforms, pre-parties and more.

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The Benefits
Great Pay

Our ambassador team are paid for their time across tasks both digitally and physically. On top of hourly pay, top performing ambassadors receive fantastic incentives.

Meet New People

Ambassadors become friends for life, through exciting campaign work - our team create long-lasting bonds and have the opportunity to widen their networks on campus beyond their immediate circle.


Working for a brand you love has many benefits, but the biggest benefit is the merchandise and opportunities that you get.

The Role
Campaign Tasks

Each campaign is split into fun, bespoke tasks. In both the digital-social spaces and in-person events and activities.

Local Knowledge

Your student culture understanding is key to finding the right places to promote the brand and interact with other students.

Being the Brand

Showing pride in and knowing your brand (like the back of your talons) is crucial to the success of the campaign and the Raptor.

Raptor Stories

Hear it from the Raptor's Mouth

Daire Matiluko, Deliveroo Ambassador

Being a Deliveroo ambassador was one of the best ways for me to get sociable around campus. I made a lot of money from the campaign, and it almost turned into a competition with my mates up in Liverpool to see who could get the most sign ups in a week.

Monica Saveska, Jägermeister Ambassador

My role of being a Jägermeister brand ambassador included sampling Jäger at societies, sport socials and house parties as well as taking pictures promoting the product on socials. I was chosen as the top ambassador to go to Berlin to experience the VIP Jäger experience in the city where it all began, which was definitely once in a lifetime.

Sebastian Trujillo, Nando's Ambassador

Being a Nando's ambassador has been such an unbelievable experience. I've helped shape some of Nando's best student campaigns and got the chance to promote these events to my friends. It's opened up my realm of opportunities with work with such a prestigious brand, whilst having fun! At the end of the day, everyone loves a cheeky Nando's ;)

Rose Rushbrooke, Depop Ambassador

As a Depop ambassador, I produced engaging content that promoted the app on my social media, distributed lookbooks and held my own stall at the Manchester Depop Marketplace. I loved connecting with other Depop brand ambassadors who each had their own unique style. I improved my self-confidence and general awareness about marketing communications!

The Raptor Ambassador Academy

Hungry for more? Join our Academy

The Raptor Academy is a killer chance for students to see behind the curtain of a marketing campaign. New Business. Account Management. Digital Marketing. Content Creation. We’ll equip you with what you need to get out there and make an impression in marketing after graduating.

Last year’s Ambassador Academy members got the chance to pitch their ideas directly to some of their favourite brands, deepened their understanding of how student marketing campaigns work, and had one-to-one mentorship with our team.

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