Sustainability Pledge


Raptor Marketing Limited are a student marketing agency focused on experiential marketing. Our mission is to champion students because we’re passionate about helping brands play a positive role in their culture. However, as part of this mission, we want to help build a brighter future for the next generation.

The purpose of this Environmental Sustainability Policy is to outline our commitment to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions (hereafter referred to as GHGs, emissions or CO2e) and reducing our waste footprint, within our organisation, and in the events we deliver. 

This policy focuses on environmental sustainability, rather than attempting to also address financial and social sustainability. These highly important, and interlinked, elements form part of our wider business strategy and shareholder / stakeholder reporting, and are also addressed in our vision and values.

We will communicate this policy to all our stakeholders, including clients, suppliers and staff. We will do this to enable them to work with us in achieving our ambitions in this important area. 

We recognise that the environmental impacts from our operations and events mostly derive from emissions from fuel usage and waste from single-use items. 

We therefore hope to increase environmental awareness across our organisation with this policy and embed carbon reduction and zero-waste practices in our everyday business.