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27 July 2020

The Digital Welcome, powered by Raptor

A fresh approach to Freshers’ Week 2020 ‘The Digital Welcome’ to replace the physical one in light of the coronavirus

Over 160,000 students at eight leading Universities are set to experience a new and virtual version of Freshers’ Week as the coronavirus pandemic strikes out the traditional and very popular event from the student calendar. ‘The Digital Welcome’ has been developed by Raptor, a student marketing agency, to take the place of the real thing this September. 

With Universities deciding their individual policies in terms of providing education via either staggering a return to campus, moving lectures online, adopting a hybrid model or providing services as normal albeit with strict social distancing measures, the traditional Freshers’ Week is one thing they all have in common that is not happening in 2020. 

‘The Digital Welcome’ will comprise a virtual and exact replica of the campus of each of the participating Universities which students will be able to move around, stopping off at various points of interest finding out about the various societies and the extracurricular interests they cater for. The campus map will use the latest state-of-the-art interactive technology and involve many brand partners as part of embedded immersive experiences including augmented reality, web games, 3D modelling, merchandise freebies, discount coupon offers and video and messenger integration. 

Some of the brands already taking part in ‘The Digital Welcome’ include Pot Noodle, Unilever and Twitch. Opportunities still exist for other brands to participate at what is such an important time for brands to make a connection with students, at the start of their University journey. 

‘The Digital Welcome’ is happening at Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, UEA (University of East Anglia), Northumbria University, University of Sussex, UCC (University College Cork, Ireland) and University of Exeter. More Universities are expected to sign up over the coming weeks. 

David Burgman, CEO of Raptor, the creators of ‘The Digital Welcome’, said: “Thanks to ‘The Digital Welcome’ students can still receive the amazing experience and benefits they deserve this September. Freshers’ Week is an incredible moment in time for those in higher education and we’re doing our innovative best to not let the coronavirus get in the way of that. From a commercial perspective, it is also a really important opportunity for many brands to get in front of students and we’re keeping that door well and truly open for them too via the digitisation of this traditional student experience.”

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