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Tik Tok: A New Platform for Gen Z?

In a recent Forbes Article, 'What the Rise of TikTok Says About Generation Z', Tik Tok has been coined as the fastest-growing social media platform of all time. With users spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the app - Tik Tok is rapidly situating itself as the platform to engage with and influence Gen Z. With an intricate algorithim, the app takes pride in the ability for any video to have viral potential, even for those without high followings. With the growing impact of influencer marketing and user generated content in promoting brand awareness and acquisition, brands are beginning to expand their social media reach beyond Instagram to incorporate Tik Tok into their strategies. This requires a new approach to influencer marketing, due to the algorithimic nature of Tik Tok, including the use of student influencers to create content.

We conducted insight with a group of 102 students across 14 universities in the UK to understand habits related to Tik Tok, as well as ways for brands to use the app effectively. Our study found that 73.53% of students viewed content on Tik Tok everyday, only a handful of students (3.92%) created Tik Toks on a daily basis.

The insight conducted suggests that the growth of Tik Tok has been largely based upon viewership rather than content creation. 62.75% of students showed interest in seeing Comedy Content, whilst only 21.5% showed interest in seeing influencer content. Therefore, brands aiming to tap into the platform need to consider the efficacy of large influencer content vs. normal people creating relatable content which helps them to appear more ‘human.’

Tinder have partnered with FrancesForever, the viral Tik Tok artist behind the hit song ‘Space Girl’, to create a sponsored sound dedicated to celebrating the multiplicity of relationships that can be found on Tinder. We worked with Tinder to hire a team of 24 student nano-influencers to create individual content based around the track: ‘It’s All Worth Finding’.

From using the lyrics of the track as a pick up line on app, to matching their Tinder profile photos to the lyrics – our influencers have creatively brought the sound to life, and helped to increase the reach of the track to student communities nationwide. With the campaign still live, we’re excited to see the final results of tapping into Tik Tok communities.

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