We're Brand Experience Award Winners! | Student Marketing by Raptor

We’re Brand Experience Award Winners!

An unforgettable night at the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards 2019 saw Raptor scoop the award for most effective integration / amplification campaign for their work on Unilever snack brand, Pot Noodle entitled - Reach for Your Dreams!

Pot Noodle is often perceived as a brand for those too lazy to cook, looking for a quick-fix, who value the convenience the product offers. It launched in the late 70s and as a snack it was the only one of its kind until the last 10 years when the market started to become saturated with alternatives. So, Pot Noodle decided to up their game and after undertaking research with their consumers, they realised that their attitudes had changed, and they were now go-getters. The individuals who don’t have time to cook, because they’re focused on chasing higher-priority pursuits. As a result, the brand strapline changed from ‘why try harder?’ to ‘you can make it’, and we were required to help spread this new message.

Pot Noodle needed to prove that they were giving back to their audience, offering more than just a snack. So, they adopted an integrated approach for maximum impact and alongside their partners created a campaign which championed the go-getters, encouraging them to spend less time cooking and more time chasing their dreams by offering up 20 unconventional internships.

Introducing Pot Noodle, reach for your dreams: Click here to view

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