What We Do

Co-creating brand experiences

for students, with students. 

About Us

We're a tight-knit group, always innovating and creating culturally relevant brand campaigns for students, with students. We do what we do because we're passionate about helping brands play a meaningful role in their lives, and in youth culture. Kinda cool, right?


Because we care about student culture. We strive to deliver ground-breaking marketing. And we want to reward young talent.

But also because we want adventure. We love developing experiences we’d enjoy ourselves, and experimenting with new ways to capture students’ imaginations. We believe in making a difference for students, and for our clients.

Our Values


We love to share knowledge, ideas, and skill-sets, in order to continue growing, innovating, and delivering work that we’re proud of.


We love the energy and enthusiasm that our student audience embodies, and in turn, we're always trying to reflect that same energy and enthusiasm into everything that we do.


Our student audience is no stranger to new trends and ideas. So we’re inquisitive, always learning and always questioning; the only way to keep moving forward


We endeavour to ensure that a positive impact is felt in all we do, by our audience and our clients, to the environment and our team.


We are driven to create positive change; requiring us to take initiative and lead with proactivity.


At Raptor, everyone is empowered and encouraged to take responsibility and ownership of their work. We know that individual ownership fuels effective teamwork, but also trust, support, and transparency.

Sustainability Pledge

Our Pledge

Our mission is to champion students because we’re passionate about helping brands play a positive role in their culture. However, as part of this mission, we want to help build a brighter future for the next generation.

We have established an agency manifesto which pledges to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and reducing our waste footprint, within our organisation, and in the events we deliver.

We are proud member's of isla - and committed to tackling the climate crisis together within the events industry.

Read our Pledge
Meet the Team
David Burgman CEO & Managing Director

Student advice: Make friends with the local shop bossman.

Jonathan Edwards Co-Founder & Director

Student advice: These are the best three years of your life... get involved in shit. Less box sets and more experiences

Séamus Wright Director & Head Of Client Services

Student advice: Don't ever use Wikipedia when researching, and cook in bulk then freeze!

Mark Ross Creative Director

Student advice: Reckless abandon and positive routines, in equal measure.

Jaspreet Sohal Account Manager

Student advice: Get a one line a day book and document your whole story as a student.

Keanu Burrell Events and Logistics Manager

Student advice: Ask for a student discount everywhere. It may not be advertised, or even exist, but at worst the staff may pity you and give you a discount.

Ed Harvey Account Executive

Student advice: Don't you know bad boys move in silence and violence?

Emily Lowes Marketing Manager

Student advice: Squadka - Squash and Vodka are the elite combination.

Mariam Sesay Designer

Student advice: Always be yourself, never change that.

Lucy Vevers Account Executive

Student advice: Invest in a toastie machine, nothing beats that post-night out cheese toastie and it saves loads of money!

Molly Chappin Senior Account Manager

Student advice: Pint of water and a banana before you go to sleep after a night out cures your hangover.

Ben Cook Social Lead

Student advice: Even 2 hours sleep is better than no sleep (something I learnt when doing my diss)

Leo Morton Design Lead

Student advice: Have parties at other people’s houses

Ella Talbot Account Executive

Student advice: Talk to everyone! You never know who you may meet from starting one conversation.

Harriet Jones Account Director

Student advice: Say yes to everything (this is advice, but not necessarily good advice)

Harry Edwards Account Executive

Student advice: Look for houses early or you'll get stung!

Lucy Hillier Senior Account Manager

Student advice: Sort out a shared money pot with your housemates early on - avoid awkward 'it's not my turn to buy the toilet roll conversations'

Chris Thomas Senior Account Manager

Student advice: Eat vegetables

Amy Dewar Business Development Executive

Student Advice: Live, Laugh, Love