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Creating culturally relevant experiences for students nationwide.

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A Raptor is a tenacious creature, and an ambitious student marketing agency.
We are always innovating and creating culturally relevant brand campaigns for students, with students.
We do what we do because we're passionate about helping brands play a meaningful role in student's lives.

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Sink your teeth into a new challenge

The Raptors are our student family – young, hungry and brave, they make a mark. These creative free-thinkers have deep and focused knowledge of their university’s city and culture. Making them essential to the success of each campaign.

Do you have a get-up and go mentality?
Are you ready for a new challenge?

If you love brands, exciting student experiences,
and the hustle, we’ll love you.

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Take a deep dive into our latest research with our student network

Each quarter, our insight studies provide the latest opinions and quantitative insight from our student network
to understand the key pain points facing the 18-24 demographic.

This quarter, take a deep dive into the employability crisis
and what students are looking for in their first employer.

Curated with students, for brands, the Reports highlight opinion pieces from emerging student voices alongside
a data-based nationwide study.

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Our Journal keeps you up to date with the latest news from the Raptor team.

From new pitch wins, to campaign launches, here you can find our most recent updates and keep in the loop with all things Raptor.

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