Bringing to life passion points in 2023

Introducing Generation Z

Social Media

Social Media forms an integral aspect of Gen Z daily routine. As digital natives, and the first generation to grow up utilising social media platforms, Gen Z know what they're looking for across media channels. Understand the platforms they use, what they engage with and how to reach Gen Z in our latest insight launch.

Sex and Relationships

University is a time at which Gen Z first explore the meaning of sex and relationships, entering a new city with a variety of people and understanding exactly who they are, and what they want. In our latest insight study, we wanted to understand what Gen Z value when looking for relationships, the brands that support them and what they feel could help make experiences of dating at University better.


Gen Z are cultural change-makers who lead the force when it comes to what is in (and out of) trend. When it comes to fashion, University plays a powerful role in forming identity. Check out what inspires Gen Z, where they buy and what they spend in our latest insight launch.


Alcohol is a core feature of socialisation at University, and is integral to University life. The stereotype of student drinking, however, does not reflect the diverse situations that students drink and their desire post-pandemic to socialise with memorable experiences. In our latest insight study, we wanted to understand what, where and how students drink - and what would convince them to try something new.


Music is at the heart of culture. It is a means by which individuals find communities and express their individuality, and is an integral aspect of Gen Z self-expression. Harnessing music into your brand strategy can be difficult, so in our latest insight study we wanted to understand what music Gen Z listen to and what they value.