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Pot Noodle


With youth unemployment on the rise, Pot Noodle have made it their mission to Stir Up The Futures of 16-24 year olds by offering paid internship opportunities in 7 exciting sectors: music, film, gaming, tech, sport, fashion and publishing.


Alternative Careers 2023

The Pot Noodle Internship programme has sparked attention across University's throughout the UK. Our SBA's have been creating content via TikTok, having this be the biggest driver of website hits and applications!

The creation of our own character 'Jay Noodle' has been visiting different companies across the UK, offering internships & creating TikTok content to boost and amplify awareness.

The Pot Noodle Internship Programme smashed the application target within the first 4 months. We saw
13,515 internship applications, soaring past the target of 12,000 for Feb-Nov 2023!

350k Visits to PotNoodleInternships.com since Feb 2023 to date
60 SBA's
13k+ Internship Applications

Alternative Careers Fair Live on Twitch 2022

To support the launch of PotNoodleInternships.com - a platform offering advice, insights and 150+ paid internship opportunities - we created a Virtual Careers Fair streamed live on Twitch, boosting awareness and sign-ups amongst Pot Noodle’s target audience.

During the live stream, each hour featured fun content, guests and interactive Q&As related to one of Pot Noodle’s 7 passion points - music, film, gaming, tech, sport, fashion and publishing.

For each segment viewers had the opportunity to win prizes by scanning an on screen QR code, directing back to PotNoodleInternships.com.

9.6K Live Viewers
21.4K Visits to PotNoodleInternships.com during the stream
717.5K Reach

The Pot Portal and AR Careers Fair 2021

To help students find jobs related to their passions, we toured campus with the Pot Portal, a touch-free installation where students could access the virtual alternative careers fair at the scan of a QR code.