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Fashion is an integral means of self-expression, and what makes clothes iconic are the people that wear them. We introduced Icons: In The Making, celebrating the diversity in student fashion and telling the stories behind up-and-coming icons.

Icons: In The Making.

What does fashion mean to Gen Z in 2023? We worked with USC to relaunch their brand to the student audience positioning fashion as an integral means of self-expression. Brands might be iconic, but it’s the people who wear them that tell iconic stories. Icons, In The Making allowed USC to spotlight 6 students and what their fashion choices meant to them across OOH, in-store, festival and micro-influencers.

Who were our micro-influencers?

Our micro-influencers were students from Manchester, London and Birmingham who use fashion as a means of expressing their identity. Whether their style is born on the page, on the canvas, in what they shoot or in every thread they stitch - each student had their own perspective on the meaning of style - expressed through the brands housed at USC.

These ambassadors were then able to take centre stage through a media campaign spanning across retail outlets, transport hubs, social channels and more.

Driving hype with students in the Back to Uni period

Our micro-influencers took to Reading Festival to spread the word of USC as the essential place for back to school shopping. With a queue to enter, USC established themselves as the go-to brand for Gen-Z