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13 April 2019

City in the Spotlight: Lessons from Leeds

Getting to know a new city takes time, numerous nights spent wandering Woodhouse in search of music, mischief and messy nights. But wouldn’t it be easier if all the insightful info was in one place? Well look no further, welcome to your wonderful guide to life at Leeds.

A variety of nights out is something Leeds is infamous for amongst UK universities and students alike, it caters to your every need. If you fancy some Spanish salsa sessions head to ‘Backroom’ on a Thursday, if you’re in search of some cheesy classics and a pop-playlists, pay Warehouse Wednesdays a visit. Alternatively, for those of you who appreciate a bit of techno house then Wire is the one for you, literally an underground club in the centre of Leeds Wire hosts DJ’s from around the world including Mall Grab, Artwork, Palms Trax and many more, it’s a big hit on the student scene.

When carefully deciding which event you should dedicate your weekend to, consider Cirque du Soul as your reliable mate from school, you won’t see them all the time but when you do you know you’re guaranteed to have a good night. Get ready to be christened with glitter and lose your voice at a party like no other. If you want ‘feel good bangers’, disco delights and an infinite number of inflatables, Cirque is the answer to your Friday student night out.

Raptor, The Student Marketing Agency stopped off in Leeds as part of their club focused Spotlight on NKD earlier in the year. They focused their marketing efforts on introducing a great new alternative drink to the student scene.

“It’s always great running student marketing campaigns in Leeds, the student scene is absolutely electric and the passion from all our brand ambassadors speak volumes for the city itself”.

Visit: Student Marketing for NKD

Other Student Activities

Are you looking for a fun bunch of friends besides your fellow student halls flatmates? Slide on over to Snowriders. Snowriders combines every love a student has, après, adventure and lots of alcohol. Offering ski breaks away throughout the year which won’t break your bank, Snowriders is the ideal society to dip your skis into, where you can have mountains of fun. Even if you cant ski, invest in a sledge and relish in the many Snowrider socials and student nights out!

If you’ve explored every inch of Trinity and you’re looking for an alternative path for your quest for vintage gems, head down to the corn exchange where you can find quirky stores and plenty of places to impulsively pierce your body. Opposite, you have Cow and Blue Rinse to quench your thirst for re-worked Ralph Lauren shirts. Leeds definitely isn’t short of places to pimp your wardrobe.

Leeds is one of the 3 places in the UK that is home to the best burger that will ever grace your taste buds, Almost Famous. To give you an idea of the creations AF produces, think big American burgers packed with everything you dream would be wedged in between a brioche bun. Almost Famous tends to everyone’s needs and even offers an innovative selection of veggie burgers. These packed patties accompanied with the bacon fries, are sure to cure your hangover.

Looking for a break from student life? Just a short drive away you can enjoy the fresh air of Ilkley Moor, and take a stroll or, depending on your level of fitness, a hike through the moorland, on your way back down you can reward yourself with a pint at The Cow and Calf. As a student in Leeds you will never be short of things to do, trampoline parks, bowling allies, ping pong bars or even just chilling in the award-winning student union, there’s something special about Leeds that makes you fall in love with both the University and the city itself.

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