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1 February 2019

What to Expect During the Coming Term

So, your first term is over, and now it’s time to get stuck into your second term at university. Many of us say that the second term is where the fun starts!

You’ve settled in, you feel at home, you have a group of friends, you have an awesome job (hopefully as a Raptor!) and now you can start living the university life you’ve heard so much about. The university experience is all about grabbing opportunities, and your second term will be full of them.

Our Raptors and brand ambassadors over Christmas have been coming up with amazing campaigns, awesome partnerships and epic ideas for the second term – so all the fun is yet to come. If you’re a student on campus, or you’re a student Raptor and you’ll be working with us in the second term – you’re going to have the time of your life.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your second term at university with Raptor.

Keep making friends

Keep making friends this coming term

It’s easy to get lazy with socialising in your second term, especially if you’ve found an awesome group in your accommodation or halls. True Raptors will keep networking though and keep their circle growing. To make your second term as exciting and as fresh as your first term, you’ll want to keep meeting new faces and trying new things.

Try new things

try new things this coming term

Part of growing your circle and keeping your university experience fun, is taking advantage of all the societies and activities the campus can offer. Most universities will hold ‘second term freshers fairs’ and these are great for meeting fresh faces and trying new things. Think outside the box too, if you’re looking to widen your network – go for a hobby or activity you wouldn’t usually choose, you never know who you might meet!

Save save save!

You might be thinking about the long summer holiday by now, so if you are, make sure you’re saving some of your Raptor earnings during your second term. If you plan on travelling in the summer, or backpacking, you’ll be glad to have the extra dosh in your back-pocket. Your Raptor work experience might also help you secure work over the summer too – which is awesome.

Keep on top of your studies

It goes without saying, but always keep on top of your studies. We know university can be overwhelming (especially when trying to balance student marketing work, homework and lectures) so learning how to strike a balance between your Raptor work, and your degree is really important. You can perfect this in your second term – so you have the right recipe for the next few years!

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