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18 July 2019

Why Every Business Needs a Brand Ambassador

Student brand ambassadors are your company’s way into the minds of the young people you’re so desperately trying to reach. They’re most likely to be aged 16-25, both male and female, with a great presence on social media.

Ambassadors will make spreading the word about your brand so easy that all you’ll have to do is sit back and watch the custom roll in. The great thing about student ambassadors is they’re so relatable – their friends will mostly be in the same age bracket and living the same kind of university student lifestyle. This means that when they see a brand ambassador shouting about a product or service they love, they’ll know it is for real.

But why are they needed?

Student ambassadors own the key to a large, niche following of young people that brands often find hard to reach with their usual ad campaigns. After all, most young people use an ad blocker, and if they don’t they’re most likely closing your ads down anyway.

In a world where social media is so popular among young people, brands are able to work through ambassadors to promote their products in a way that is more honest and less invasive.


University creates brand preferences

When students go to university, it’s often the first time they will make their own consumer choices. Without realising, young people start to find their own brand favourites and pick up shopping habits that they didn’t have before.

These habits are likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

This is why it’s a crucial time for businesses to get their name out there and persuade young people to choose their product over those of their competitors.


Cost-effective marketing choice

Students are the most likely demographic to get excited over free products, experiences, and e-vouchers over a high wage. Influencers may seem to only have a small following compared to the entirety of your brand, however, theirs is considered much more honest and therefore means their influence is much more effective.


Puts a face to the brand

Humanizing a product is the best thing a business can ever do to draw more custom in, especially when it comes to young people. Hiring an ambassador to engage with the brand will make it feel much more reliable to an audience, similar to the feeling customers get when they call through to customer services and speak to a real person, rather than an automated voice.

This fun, non-intrusive way of marketing will make your brand seem much friendlier to the student demographic.

Influencers are able to share information like never before with the growth of social media, making it much easier for potential buyers to ask questions and create a real sense of trust in the business.

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