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Meet the Team: Sophie Evans, Account Executive

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series takes an inside look into the lives of our student marketing experts. From their career journey so far, to their go-to student meal, get to know Raptor HQ!

How long have you worked at Raptor?:
I have worked with Raptor for roughly 2 years all in all. Starting as a brand ambassador and for the past 7 months as an Account Executive.

What is your career story so far?:
During my time at university, I always jumped into things I thought were fun, regardless of whether I could actually do it or not (partly how I became social sec of the Wakeboard society without ever stepping foot on a board). I was studying business and keen to get some marketing experience under my belt, my friend had been working for Raptor as a Brand Ambassador and recommended me for a campaign with WKD. As a Social Sec, I knew handing out free booze at socials is always a winner, so I jumped at the chance to ‘find my WKD side’. I was invited back for campaigns with Pot Noodle & Perlego, then asked if I would interview for a role as part of the core Raptor team. And here I am!

What is your role and what you responsible for?:
As an Account Executive, my role encompasses everything from ambassador management, recruitment, social media, campaign planning and daily admin.

What is the best part of your role?:
I get to work on a variety of campaigns, gaining insight into many different brands.

What is your dream brand to work with?:
MOB Kitchen, I am an avid follower and cookbook owner. They have established themselves in the student market and continue to deliver awesome content and killer giveaways. I think campaign ideas for a brand like MOB could be endless.

What is your wildest moment from your days as a student?:
What goes on tour, stays on tour!

What was your go-to student meal?:
Bean and cheese toastie, simple yet effective.

What is your secret talent?:
It sounds super weird so bear with me, but I can speak with my mouth closed. My pièce de resistance is pretending to be a person stuck in a suitcase!

Describe working at Raptor in three words:
Flexible. Friendly. Collaborative

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